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1793 1851 Prince Albert Exhibition of the Industries Silver Gilt 70

Medal by Taylor, EF - see photo
1794 1889 large bronze Eiffel Tower medallion, very attractive, 35

in good cond

1795 1915 Lusitania Medal (British copy of German medal

with May spelt with Y in lieu of German I), in original 100

presentation box (pretty tatty) & incl satirical explanation

sheet - See Photo
1796 1953 Coronation Pins by Parkes of Sydney, a recently

discovered hoard of new condition alloy and enamel 90

Donation Pins, amazing 70 year old Coronation

souvenirs (87 pins)
1797 1955 Aust Numismatic Society Sydney Mint Centenary

Medallions, Silver No.78 and Bronze No.269 stamped on 100

edge, UNC - (2)

1798 1965-66 'Opening of the Royal Australian Mint Canberra' 80

medals in Bronze and Silver, superb cond - See Photo

1799 1976 Montreal Olympic swimming participation

medallion, bronze with original chain + Mt Kosciusko 40

cross country skiing medallion - (2) - See Photo
1800 2000 Sydney Olympics, Paralympic Games set of 3

Medals, gold plated, silver and copper (silver medal 50

toned), scarce (3 medals)
1801 Circa1820 Duke of Wellington/England mourns 48mm

White metal medal, Waterloo in exergue, EF toned, AIF

medals (2), NSW Railway Centenary medals (2) 80

Victorian Centenary 1854/1954 Medal, 1936 Coronation

Medal for Victoria, other medals VF-EF (17)

1802 Commonwealth Insitute of Valuers Inc Bronze Medal in

original Stokes (Melb) box, with engraving on back 40

"Annual Examinations H.J Manning 1940" - See Photo
1803 Framed collection of 10 Silver Medallions, all 0.925 1oz

from Germany (Dic Ara Adenaver) in nice frame and 400

slipcase, rare (10)
1804 German restrike Thalers x2, France restrike medal, 65

Ceylon restrike Four Rupees, other Crown sized medals

UNC (15)
1805 Germany Nuremburg advertising medal 30mm, bronze

Obermeister 25yrs medal 1926 with Belgium Vooruit 40

token 5 centimes 1921, 39mm, USA 1931 McCormick's

Reaper medal, Frankston's shoe mart medal with Ford

model T, F-UNC (5)
1806 Great Britain Birmingham Token c1795,

Mercury/Britannia, VF, with Professor Holloway Pennies 60

1857 and 1858 corroded, Scottish Pewter Communion

Tokens c1830 (5), NSW Aluminium Milk and Bread

Tokens, VF (17 Tokens)

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