Lot# Description Est $
2161 Coll of Cards in Postcard pages, all depicting scenes

from the Isle of Man and isle of Wight, some interesting 50

varieties (60)
2162 Coll of Collector cards featuring Hollywood Actors and

Actresses incl Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy, Tom Mix, etc, all 40

vintage nice cards (23)
2163 Coll of Postcards almost entirely of UK Churches and

Abbeys incl some vintage small town examples, in large 30

6-pocket postcard pages (90)
2164 Coll of Postcards featuring UK Churches, Abbeys and

coastal holiday towns, noted Buckfast Abbey and 30

Torquay, many vintage cards, in large 6-pocket postcard

pages (90)
2165 Coll of Postcards in shoebox all with South Australian

stamps plus inclds a few env's - postmark interest in this 200

lot (100+)
2166 Coll of Postcards of Torquay many diff views and some

interesting variations of the same view, all vintage, in 30

large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)
2167 Coll of scenic Postcards featuring mainly UK scenes,

incls some other world cards, both used + unused, in 35

large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)
2168 Collection of mostly English Postcards mainly of holiday 50

locations on Isle of Wight, in large 6-pocket pages (72)
2169 Collection of Postcards in plastic pages, nice variety incl 60

vintage humour, Ceylon, Isle of Man, some early cards

2170 Collection of Welsh Postcards in large album pages, 40

good seln with some early cards (48)
2171 Colln in pages of mainly vintage English cards, incl good

seln of Churches, 3 x Widecombe Fair and Country 80

scenery - Good Cond - (36)
2172 Colln of early postcards of the UK in plastic sleeves,

many early 1900s, some with postage - Some good 40

black & white views (48)
2173 Colln of English and European postcards, some older 60

coloured cards + some early stamps - Nice selection

2174 Colln of European postcards incl some interesting cards

of Egypt and some copies of paintings around the 50

mediteranean - (40)
2175 Colln of European postcards, mostly circa 1950s but 50

some earlier greeting cards - worth inspection (70+)
2176 Colln of mostly modern European postcards, also incls 60

some vintage cards - Worth checking (Qty)
2177 Colln of mostly vintage postcards with various greetings - 50

Birthday, Xmas etc - Nice cards, no stamps (70+)

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