Lot# Description Est $
2333 Box of assorted money boxes mostly ceramic & plastic, 40

Elephants, Pigs, Ball, Dog etc - (Qty)
2334 Box with 1993 Tour of Canberra model car on stand, old

Melbourne Tram made of wood, another car and 50

boatswain coll, etc (5)
2335 Carton with trains some boxed incls AHM HO scale SIA

Texas, also Bachman HO Pemco Hornby Stephenson's 100

Rocket + Rivorossi (5 boxed sets)
2336 Carton with various dolls, doll parts, clothes etc, useful lot 40

for collector or seller of vintage dolls - (Qty)
2337 Great British Locomotives Colln Issues 1 and 2 models

"Mallard" and "Duchess" class in original packaging, 50

unopened, nice items for collector - (2)
2338 Lge carton with 2 very rare vintage dolls, 1 x Red Cross

pre WWI with Val Cert of $950 from the 'Doll Lady' 160

Victora, the other very old but in need of repair. (2)
2339 Small box with 5 small Victorian porcelain Dolls, all

needing work but worth the effort, with silver-plated 120

brooches and other jewellery, etc (qty)
2340 Star Trek official Starships Colln Issue 1, USS Enterprise

NCC 1701D model in unopened packaging with 50

magazine, excellent cond
2341 Star Trek official Starships Colln Issue 2, USS Enterprise

NCC 1701 model in unopened packaging with 50

magazine, excellent cond
2342 Sunkid soft toy Teddy Bear with moveable Arms legs and

head, plus 1942 Reproduction daily Mirror Newspaper, 30

Assorted telephone cards, sports cards etc, bag of

Yowies plus stainless steel Bar / Hospitality shirt sleeve

bracelets (qty)

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