Lot# Description Est $
17 c/xx/o 1929-81 accum of Aust FDCs, incl 74 x Aust Pre Dec

mainly late 1950s-60s then fairly complete 1970 through

to 1981 incl PSEs & some Mint stamps, CVRs have 50

dupln with up to 6 of some issues, earlies are mainly

WCS & Royal, great lot for collector or reseller, cond

mainly Fine - (400+)
18 o/c 1963-90s coll Aust FDCs & PSEs in albums mainly on

FDC pages, better items incl 1963 2/3 cable, 1966

Birds set both on 'Royal' env's, 1968 World Weather 50

Watch on Royal Excelsior and WCS, early period 95%

complete with spaces left for missing covers throgh to

1973 plus incl 1966-86 used coll on S/Seas pages (100s)
19 c/xx/o 1978-2005 accum of Aust POPs, FDCs, PSEs, Maxi

Cards, Booklets, Aust Post packaged & loose Mint

Stamps, CTO stamps in large carton, heavy dupln and full 1200

listing incl with lot, many $1000s in original cost from

Aust Post, great lot for reseller as generally excellent

cond - (1000s)
20 c/o 1978-87 Aust FDI PSEs on PW pages plus extra PSEs

in packets etc, inclds Spgbk binder of Aust Kangaroos

noted 2/- Brown 3rd Wmk fine used, a few Postage Dues 60

to 1/- etc but main value is in the extra shoebox of older

to modern PSEs & FDCs (100s)
21 c/xx/o 1981-87 accum FDCs, Mint & FDI PSEs, some POPs &

loose Mint + some CTO stamps, noted 2 x 1981 Aust 200

Post year Albs, majority of stamps are in the 1986-87

period with heavy dupln of CVRs, some blks etc, cond

mainly Fine - (100s)
22 c/xx/o 1982-84 accum of mainly FDCs & PSEs, heavily

duplicated but generally very good cond, lot also incls 100

some Mint POPs & loose stamps & CTO, would suit

reseller - (700+ Items)
23 c/xx/o 1983-86 accum of Australian FDCs, PSEs, POPs plus

loose Mint & CTO stamps, some in blks etc, heavy dupln 100

in CVRs, cond excellent thoughout, lot would suit reseller

- (600+)
24 c/xx/o 1986-90 accum of Aust POPs, FDCs plus loose Mint

stamps, heavy dupln in FDCs, excellent cond lot would 80

suit reseller - (500+)
25 xx 1988,89,90 & 2000 Aust Post year Albums, 1966-2001

Booklet collection in 2 x albums noted 1966 Vietnam

ADF booklets both types (5c QEII & 5c Bird), 1996 AFL

Centenary booklet coll in folder, 1966-78 coll Aust Blks 4 400

in 2 x hagner System binders incl 1966 QEII defins, Fish,

Birds, Navigators, WWW, Flowers, Soil Medical etc plus

2 x panes of 25 Xmas 71, Higher val Paintings incl 3 x

strips 5 $1 Lighthorseman all in superb cond (100s)

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