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327 x/o "L-N" countries on pages, earlies to 1970s range, best

seln Neth, Malaya/Malaysia, Norway, Liberia, Mongolia &

Monaco, many other countries in the mix, Liberia & 65

Mongolia in particular feature a nice range of Thematics

in Scouts, Churchill, Space, Animals & more, nice clean

issues with qty of CTO in the mix - (1350+)
328 x/o "O-Q" countries on pages, mostly earlies to 1970s range,

best seln Paraguay but Pakistan, Portugal, Panama &

PNG, Oman & Qatar also have nice selns with others in 40

the mix, nice CTO Thematics are noted particularly in the

Mid East countries featuring Animals, Art, Scouts,

Space, Flowers & more - (650)
329 x/o "R-S" countries on pages, earlies to 1970s range, best

seln Russia but also incls nice seln from RAS Al Khaima,

Sharjah, San Marino, Rwanda + more, also incl nice 50

quality CTO Thematics particularly in the Mid East

countries featuring Animals, Space, Disney, Transport,

Flowers, Scouts + more - (100+)
330 x/o 1890s-1930s seln on loose Alb pages from Sth America

incl Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, 60

Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay & best

seln from Venezuela - (270+)
331 xx 1960s-80s seln of full & part sheets, best seln Fernando

Poo, Spain & part sheets + m/s from Italy with Eq.Guinea 70

in the mix - (1300+, 7m/s)
332 xx 1970s/80s seln of full & part sheets, m/s & sheetlets in

Mint sheet file, incl seln from Samoa, Tokelau, Norfolk Is, 40

Xmas Is, Nauru & Tuvalu - (620 stamps, 42 m/s, 2

333 xx/o 1970s-early 80s seln of MUH blks of 4 in sets + m/s from

Fiji + Christmas Is in alb (also incl 6 CTO m/s from Mid 50

East regions) (340, 20 m/s)
334 o 2 Albs of World accum, one features a colourful Thematic

seln from E.Germany & the other cont Aust/World 50

accum, Space Thematics in the mix - (1200+)
335 o 2 albs with Poland (200+) + Hungary (180+), sparsely 35

filled but some nice FU Thematics (380+)
336 xx/x/o 2 large albums, one cont USA (M/U), Aust (U), thematics

(Dinosaurs) & other world, main feature is USA

Cinderellas inc 1916 & 1934 Wine Tax, Stock Trs,

Playing Card tax & postage due, also inc a range of early 35

issues (unfortunately the mint USA issues are stuck

down) (approx 700), 2nd alb cont early NZ issues, main

feature is the heavy dupln of KGVI official issues (1800+)
337 xx 2 Year albs with stamps in pristine cond, incls 1993

China (58 stamps, 3 m/s), plus 1995 Hong Kong (20 35

stamps, 2 m/s) (total 78, 5ms)

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