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388 xx Seln of Ltd Ed "History of Transport Mint Stamp Colln",

features MUH Transport Themed World issues on 60

beautifully presented Transport Themed Artwork Cards,

comes with CofA (108 cards with 108 MUH stamps)
389 xx Seln of Ltd Ed Butterflies of the World Mint stamp coll,

features MUH Butterfly Themed World issues on 50

beautifully presented Butterfly Themed Art Work Cards

(82 cards with 82 MUH stamps)
390 xx/x/o Thematics on pages featuring Animals from a wide range

of countries sections incl Bears, Camels, Cats, 65

Elephants, Farm & Domestic Animals, Hoofed & Horned

Animals & Monkeys, some nice CTO issues in the mix -

391 xx/x/o World seln on pages featuring Animals (Dog & Horses), 65

quality CTO in the mix - (830+, 6 S/lets/m/s)
392 xx/x/o World Seln on pages featuring Animals (inc Domestic,

Farm, Wild & Prehistoric) incl quality CTO issues - 65

(1000+, 12 S/lets)
393 x/o World Seln on pages featuring Butterflies - (560+, 2 40

394 x/o World seln on pages featuring Flowers, quality CTO in 65

the mix, huge seln - (1780+, 4 S/lets)
395 x/o World seln on pages featuring Moths, Insects & Beetles - 50

(255, 1 S/let)
396 x/o World seln on pages featuring Plant Life (Crops,Fruit & 50

Veg, Fungi & Trees) - (670)
397 xx 1950s seln of Republic of Malukli Sewatan (South

Moluccas) "Bogus" issues, reputedly ordered by New 35

York Stamp Dealer Henry Stolow, interesting as historical

forgeries or as colourful Thematics (54)
398 x/o Envelope of various African countries all on leaves taken

from various collections incl South Africa, Ghana, French

African Colonies, Nigeria, Liberia Morocco, Mauritius, 40

Nigeria, Malawi, Maldives, Tunisia, Zaire etc mainly

1950s-70s (100s)
399 xx/x/o Coll in 2 x Palo H/Less albums with slipcases from 1858-

1985 Volume 1 until 1961 quite comprehensive with 200

duplication, 2nd Volume a little sparse, lovely collection to

expand upon (100s)
Australian Territories & Pacific Is
400 xx/o Seln of Aust Territories collns (mostly VFU) on Hagners

in Aust Post FDC Alb, incl AAT 1959-2000s, noted 1966

Defins, Xmas Is 1958-2000s incl 1958 Defins,Fish, 50

Ships, Fam. Visitors + a nice seln of 11 diff Lunar m/s &

Seabirds m/s with Indopex 93 o/print (4), also incl Cocos

Is 1963-99 + Defins to 2/3 (2) - (495, 24 m/s)

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