Lot# Description Est $
1002 Item for somebody with a lot of time, an army cashbox

cont an ancient coin album with at least 260 coins approx

20% identified, great variety, a number noted as 2500

contemporary copies, incls early Indian, Roman, many

copper, should be great value at est, VG-VF (100s)
1003 Twelve coins, 9 mainly small Roman coppers, larger 75

silver coins possibly copies, mainly low grade (12)
1004 Ptolemy III Seaby 7814 AE 42 Diad head of Zeus 60

Ammon Eagale standing left between legs XP

monogram, Fine
1005 Tetradrachm about 330-320 BC 500
Roman Republican Coinage
1006 c200-150 BC two Roman Republic Silver Denarii, one

head of Diana, rev Pegasus, the other with Turreted head 100

of Tyche, rev Curule Chair, fair (2)
1007 c200-150 BC, two Roman Republic Silver Denarii, one

anonymous issue, head of Roma, rev Victory driving 100

quadriga, other with Victory driving biga, C.REN below,

fair (2)
Roman Imperial Coinage - AD

1008 Gordian III Antoninianus AD 238-244 - see photo 55

1009 Postumus Antoninianus AD 259-268 - see photo 55

1010 Salonina Antoninianus AD 257-258 - see photo 50

1011 Trajan Decius Antoninianus AD 249-251 - see photo 50

1012 Valerian I Antoninianus AD 253-260 - see photo 50

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