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(1) By entering bids in person, by post, email, or phone the bidder accepts the following conditions of sale.
(2) The purchaser of the lot shall be the highest bidder (subject to a reserve if any), as determined by the auctioneer. When identical absentee bids are received then the first bid received takes precedence so it is in your interest to bid early.
(3) The lots will be offered at the Auction at one bidding step above the second highest absentee bid received.
(4) Bids from people unable to attend the Auction are treated with the utmost confidence and handled by the Auctioneer in incremental steps. All the lots will be sold at one step above the second highest bid. Example: If a lot is estimated at $100 and bids of $110 and $300 are received the lot will be sold for $120 to the bidder who placed the bid of $300 providing there are no other bids on the floor at the Auction. Postal bids will be rounded up to the nearest bid step. Example If a bid of $105 is placed the bid will be increased to $110, a bid of $310 will be increased to $320 and so on.
(5) Bidding incremental steps:

Up to $20 steps of $1 $100 to $300 steps of $10 $2000 to $5000 steps of $100
$20 to $50 steps of $2 $300 to $1000 steps of $20 $5000 and above steps of $200
$50 to $100 steps of $5 $1000 to $2000 steps of $50

(6) Estimates in the Auction Catalogue are conservative prices. Some lots will sell for less than estimate, others more.
Please note the majority of lots have Reserve prices. The reserve price is normally three quarters of the estimated price. However this is not mandatory on all lots. Any bids entered at less than 60% of the estimated price (other than those in the no reserve sections) are respectfully declined and will not be entered into the Auction.
(7) The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw or re-offer any lot, group lots together, refuse any bid or refuse admission to the viewing area or Auction Room to any person.
(8) New clients should send references, credit card details or enclose a deposit in advance of the sale. Bids from minors are only accepted if there are adequate guarantees from parents or guardians.
(9) Agents bidding on behalf of undisclosed clients do so on their own responsibility both for the payment and safe delivery of lots.


(1) (a) Room buyers –payment is required on the day of the sale.
(b) Postal bidders – payment is required within 7 days of receipt of invoice
(2) A 22.00% Buyer’s Commission (inclusive of GST) is added to the price of each lot
(3) Payment by Visa or Mastercard is accepted. Note a 1.45% charge applies
(4) Costs for packaging, postage and insurance are added to all purchases that are sent to absentee bidders.
(5) Late payment – a charge of 3% per month or part thereof is made. Refer to clause (6)
(6) Failure to pay – The Auctioneer is entitled to re-sell the lot either publicly or privately and the buyer is then responsible for any deficiency.
The Auctioneer may also proceed against the buyer for breach of contract. Accounts not paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice will be charged a 3% late payment charge (clause 5) as well as an additional $10 accounting fee and a new invoice will be mailed.


(1) Descriptions in the Auction Catalogue are made with the greatest care and to the best of the Auctioneers ability. However they are not to be taken as statements of fact. Corrections to catalogue descriptions will be available in the viewing rooms.
(2) Illustrations form part of the lot descriptions. Lots cannot be rejected for features visible in illustrations, margins, centering, or perforations
(3) Lots are available for viewing prior to the Auction at Edlins of Canberra (office/shop premises). Any viewer who damages any item is liable for the estimated value of the lot. Please take care when viewing, particularly breakable or fragile items.
(4) Lots are sold as correctly described and genuine, unless indicated to the contrary, or sold ‘as is’.
(5) Lots that are proved to be ‘not as described’ must be returned within 5 days of receipt in the same condition as received. If items are altered in any way the buyer forfeits his/her right of return unless the Auctioneer has agreed in writing to such alteration (immersion in water or chemicals, removal of hinges/remainders, addition or removals of marks of any kind).
(6) No lot can be rejected if the buyer, or his/her agent has inspected the lot prior to the Auction.
(7) Collections, accumulations and lots including undescribed material are not returnable for any reason. Any items described as having defects or described as ‘poor condition’ are not returnable, particularly breakable or fragile items.


(1) The Auctioneer shall not be liable for any default of the purchaser or vendor.
(2) The contents of this Catalogue are copyright and cannot be reproduced in any shape, way or form without written permission of Edlins Auctions.


xx mint unmounted o.g. MUH mint unhinged dec decimal seln selection
x mint hinged/hinge mark MLH mint lightly hinged m/s miniature sheets stkbk stock book
(x) mint no gum M mint cert. certificate inclds includes
o used FU fine used accum accumulation ( ) number of items
c covers (cvrs - in text) U used misc miscellaneous coll collection
a accessories S specimen hag hagner pop post office pack
pc postcards FV face value sprgbk springback lge large ps postal stationery imprt imprint CV catalogue value SC Scott L literature pr pair ltd ed limited edition SG Stanley Gibbons
alb album blk block Mich Michel


GEM gem unc VG very good std standard RSC Roman Silver Coins
CHU choice unc G or g good coll collection KM World Coin Cat. UNC uncirculated Pr proof accum accumulation RIC Roman Imperial Cat.
CFU crisp flat UNC B/M bag marks Cat catalogue P Pick Banknote Cat.
EF extra fine a about or almost RAM Royal Aus. Mint R Renniks Cat.
VF very fine FV face value Sear Romain Coins & Mc McDonald catalogue
F fine CV catalogue value Their Values Part I,


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