In this section we list the terms commonly encountered in numismatics.

GEM - Uncirculated 

                          The highest grade a coin can reasonably be expected to occur in, the strike of the coin will be strong, detracting marks will be very minimal , the coin will have virtually full lustre and a patina or toning may be present, the coin will have strong eye appeal.

CHOICE - Uncirculated 

                          The coin should be fairly well struck although some weakness due to the type of coin or wear of the die is still acceptable. The coin will have a minimum of detracting marks and should still show a large percentage of mint lustre, this coin should also have nice eye appeal.

UNC - Uncirculated

                           A coin that has not been circulated, shows no wear and mint lustre will be evident however, the coin can have been struck from worn dies, (coins struck from worn dies will be indicated as a weak strike in the description, whereas a coin struck from a near new die will often be described as well struck!)  Some detracting marks may be evident due to modern minting methods coins striking against each other, this is often referred to as bag marks!, this also occurs during initial shipping from the issuing mint to the banking authorities.

aUNC - Almost uncirculated

                           Similar to Uncirculated but will show some minor traces of wear on the high points, the coin still shows a good % of mint lustre.  This grade of coin will exhibit a very small amount of wear due to minimal circulation.

EF - Extremely fine

                           A coin that has had a short period of circulation and will show very slight wear on the high points that is barely noticeable to the naked eye.  However, consideration should be given to the original striking of the coin and the condition of the dies, a worn die may result in a softly struck coin which is in fact uncirculated, some mint lustre may be apparent..

VF - Very fine

                           A coin that shows obvious signs of circulation, the high points and more intricate parts of the design will be completely worn away, some minor edge knocks and rim damage may be present. The coin should still be collectable with all the main features and details clear.

F - Fine

                          Shows extensive signs of circulation, most of the details are worn away although the general design will still be evident.

VG - Very good

                           The lowest collectable grade a coin can be given, will show extreme wear but the basic design and date will still be readable. 



In this section we list the terms commonly encountered in banknote collecting. 

UNC - Uncirculated 

                        A note that has no folds or teller flicks marks, it may be slightly rippled in the area of the watermark.

aUNC - almost Uncirculated

                        An uncirculated note with a centre fold or tellers counting flick.

EF - Extremely fine

                        A note in this grade should be clean with crispness to the paper, it may have up to 3 light folds, it should not be stained or faded and would have spent a short period in circulation.

VF - Very fine

                        A note showing much circulation although the paper will still be quite crisp, it will have numerous light folds or one or two heavy folds, it will be free of heavy soiling.

F - Fine

                        The note will show soiling and heavy creasing and may have a number of small tears, may also be some fading.

VG - Very good

                        A note is this grade has very little value to a collector unless very rare, it will show heavy soiling and/or fading as well as numerous tears and/or pinholes.



General Abbreviations

a              accessories  imprt     imprint  POP     post office packs
alb           album   inv        inverted pr         pair  
accum      accumulation  

o/c        off centre

ps         postal stationery 
anniv        anniversary l          literature r          right
blk           block lge        large   sprgbk   spring back  album
cert.         certificate Litho    Lithographed stkbk     stock book 
CV          catalogue value misc     miscellaneous   std         standard 
dec          decimal ms       miniature sheets surch      surcharge
eng           engraved o         used  typo       typographed
FDC        first day cover opt      overprint wmk      watermark
FV           face value  pane   large block of stamps xx         mint unhinged 
hag           hagner pc       postcards  x           mint
horiz         horizontal perf     perforated (x)       mint no gum
imp           imperf pl        plate   )       number of items in the lot


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